Simulations in Condensed Matter

G. Senatore

In the first lecture I shall briefly review the diffusion Monte Carlo (DMC) method - the simplest Quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) scheme to treat systems of interacting particles on the continuum, at vanishing temperature. In particular, I shall emphasize the exact nature of the method when applied to Bosons and summarize the fixed - node approximation for Fermions.

In the remaining two lectures I shall present a number of applications of the method to study ground state properties of model electron systems relevant to condensed matter physics, and especially to low dimensional electrons in solid state devices. Thus I shall review predictions for the zero temperature phase diagrams of (i) an electron bilayer and (ii) a symmetric electron-hole bilayer, discussing in detail the features of relevant correlation functions.

I shall also briefly speak about an ongoing investigation on electrons in 1 dimension. Finally, if I have time, I shall summarize applications to atoms, molecules and solids.