Luso, Portugal, 2-7 September 2002


First circular

Preliminary Program - Invited Speakers


Alex Abrikosov (Los Alamos N.L., USA)

"Theory of high-Tc layered cuprate superconductors"


Eva Andrei (Rutgers U., USA)

"Dynamics of  vortex phases"


Vesa Apaja (J.K.U. Linz, Austria)

"Quantum sticking, scattering, and transmission of atoms from 4He

films and slabs"


George A. Baker, Jr (Los Alamos Nayional Laboratory, USA)

"Equation of State for a Partially Ionized Gas - On Beyond Hydrogen."


Raymond Bishop (UMIST, Manchester, UK )

"Exact Results for Some Non-Integrable Models of Interacting Spins and Bosons"


Henrik Bohr (D.T.U., Lyngby, Denmark)

"Quantum wires in biomolecules"


Montserrat Casas (U. Illes Balears, Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

"Quantum entanglement and maximum entropy principle"


John Clark (Washington U. St. Louis, USA)

"Novel Pairing States in the Presence of a Fermion Condensate"


Siu A. Chin (Texas A&M U., USA)

"Real Time Quantum Dynamics of BEC"


João da Providência Jr. (U. Covilhã, Portugal)

"Collective modes of the valence electrons in a spherical metal cluster and in a void"


Janusz Dabrowski (Warsaw U., Poland)

"Sigma- atoms and Sigma N interaction"


Mukunda Das (Australian N. U., Australia)

"Mesoscopic electron transport"


Manuel de Llano (Mexico N.U., Mexico)

"BCS and BEC finally unified: a review"


Leonid Dubovskii (Kuchatov I., Russia)

"Modern Problems in Macroscopic Quantum Nucleation"


Carlos Fiolhais (U. Coimbra, Portugal)

"Applications of non-local density functionals to clusters, surfaces and voids"


Shigeji Fujita (Buffalo U., USA)

"A unified theory of the Quantum Hall Effect and the High Temperature Superconductivity"


Henry Glyde (U. Delaware, USA) (not confirmed)

"Bose-Einstein Condensation in Traps: Higher Densities"


D.H.E.Gross (H.M.I. Berlin, Germany)

"Geometric Foundation of Thermo-Statistics, Phase Transitions, Second Law of Thermodynamics, but without Thermodynamic Limit"


Susana Hernandez (U. Buenos Aires, Argentina)

"Quantum Fluids in cylindrical confinement"


Mahir Hussein (U. Sao Paulo, Brasil)

"Collective Dipole Excitation of Hybrid Atomic-Molecular Condensates"


Puru Jena (Virginia C.U. USA)

"Atomic Clusters: Looking Beyond the Periodic Table of Elements"


Jean-Framcois Joanny (I. Curie, Paris, France)

"Crawling of nematode sperm cells induced by a gel concentration gradient"


Feodor F. Karpeshin (St. Patersburg U., Russia)

"Complex Trajectories in Fission"


Michisuke Kobayashi (Niigata U., Japan)

"Molecular dynamics studies of layered fluoride superionic conductors"


Toshitake Kohmura (Josai U., Japan)

"Mean-field States and Collective Tunneling Transitions"


Eckhard Krotscheck (J.K.U. Linz, Austria)

"2 particle - 2 hole excitations in Fermi fluids"


Karl E. Kuerten (U. Viena, Austria)

"Multistability, Phase Transitions and Fractal Structures in Magnetic Multilayers with Antiferromagnetic Couplings"


N.Kumar (Raman R.I., Bangalore, India)

"Normal-state c-axis resistivity in layered cuprates: A Zeno-effective mechanism"


F. Bary Malik (Southern Illinois U., Carbondale, USA)

"An inverse scattering theory at a fixed energy and pion-40Ca potential using the Klein-Gordon equation"


Eirene Mavrommatis (U. Athens, Greece) (not confirmed)

"Scattering from oscillating barriers in nuclei"


Ferran Mazzanti (U. Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain)

"High momentum response of pure liquid helium 3"


Pierre Meystre (U. Arizona, USA)

"Magnetism on lattices of Bose-Einstein condensates"


Hank Miller (U. of Pretoria, South Africa)

"Generalized Statistics and High T_c Superconductivity"


Steven A. Moszkowski (U. California Los Angeles, USA)

"Taming the nuclear tensor force"


Jesus Navarro (U. Valencia, Spain)

"Non-homogeneous liquid helium in two dimensions"


Seiya Nishiyama (Kochi U. Japan)

"Resonating Mean-Field Theoretical Approach to Two-Gap Superconductivity"


Gerardo Ortiz (Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA)

"Symmetry-based Mean-field theories in Quantum Statistical Mechanics: Application to quantum phase transitions"


Albert Overhauser (Purdue U., USA)

"Theory of the Four-Fold Induced-Torque Anistropy in Potassium"


P.V.Panat (U. Pune, India)

"On the possibility of increasing the particles in Bose-Einstein condensate by Virtual Raman process"


Marti Pi (U. Barcelona, Spain)

"Dissociation of vertical semiconductor diatomic artificial molecules"


Angel Plastino (N.U. La Plata, Argentina)

"Complexity and entropy"


Yu.G. Pogorelov (U. Porto, Portugal)

"Fermions under strong repulsion: from multiconnected Fermi surface to Fermi condensation".


Constança Providência (U. Coimbra, Portugal)

"Neutron rich matter within a relativistic mean-field theory"


John J Quinn (U. Tennessee, Knoxville, USA)

"Bound States of Spin Excitations and Valence Band Holes: Novel Excitonic Complexes in Quantum Hall Systems"


Khandker Quader (Kent S. U., USA)

"Topological aspects of paired fermion states with unconventional symmetry in quasi-2D systems"


Manfred L.Ristig (U. Cologne, Germany)

"Calcium Oscillations in Living Cells"


Virulh Sa-yakanit (U. Bangkok, Thailand)

"Path Integral Theory of the Electron-Plasmon Interaction in a Stronly Correlated System"


Vasily R. Shaginyan (St Petersburg U., Russia)

"Theory of high-Tc superconductivity based on the Fermion condensation quantum phase



E. Suraud (U. Toulouse, France)

"On simple Self-Interaction-Corrections in Metal Clusters"


Masatoshi Yamamura (Kansai U., Japan)

"On a Possible Scheme of Q-Deformation of Many-Body Systems in Time-Dependent Variational Method"