Coimbra School of Computational Physics 1999

Monte Carlo Methods in Physics

23 - 28 September 1999

The Centre for Computational Physics is organising its first school of Physics, on Monte Carlo Methods in Physics.

The Monte Carlo Method is a general method capable of handling a broad range of interesting problems. Moreover, in Physics, Monte Carlo often enables first principles calculations where other methods fail. The method is computationally demanding, and in many applications it requires the use of high performance computing.

The school is addressed to new-comers to the field, providing an introduction to Monte Carlo Methods in Physics and reviewing the state of the art in different areas, from Condensed Matter and Particle Physics to Chemistry.

The school is organised in two parts. From 23 to 25th September, lectures will be delivered at the Mercure Hotel in Figueira da Foz, a small town onshore 50 km away from Coimbra, followed by two days of practical sessions held at the Department of Physics, University of Coimbra.

General School Information


Organising Committee

F. dos Aidos
C. Fiolhais
M. Fiolhais
O. Oliveira
J. M. Pacheco
J.N. Urbano (chair)


Coimbra, 22nd March 1999