Finite temperature effets within a QCD inspired model and lattice calculations

This project combines lattice calculations and effective field theory techniques to investigate the behavior of strongly interacting matter. The investigation of several thermodynamic quantities and meson properties, namely, their masses and anomalous decays of neutral mesons, will be done within the SU(3) Polyakov-loop extended Nambu-Jona-Lasinio, aiming at understanding the phase transition associated to the restoration of symmetries and deconfinement at finite temperature. Lattice calculations will be done to obtain both the gluon propagator at finite temperature (T), in their quenched and unquenched versions. Using these results we will look for a more realistic no local low-energy effective theory for QCD, which can provide new information about the restoration of chiral symmetry.

Status: Concluded

Starting date: 01-01-2009

End date: 31-12-2009

Financing: 5000€ Euros

Financing entity: FCT

Person*month: 0

Group person*month: 0