CERN/FP/83505/2008 - Asymmetric nuclear matter: from the lab to neutron stars

An important problem in contemporary nuclear physics and astrophysics is the understanding of the phases of nuclear matter and the isospin dependence of the hadronic equation of state. In the present project, we will continue previous work on the borderline between nuclear physics and astrophysics, in particular we will study the instabilities on stellar mattera t subsaturation densities wihtin a Brueckner-Hartree-Fock approach and compare the results with previous ones obtained from phenomenological models; we will continue our work on the pasta phase and calculate the pasta phase using the more realistic density dependent relativistic models, analyse the effect of neutrino trapping on the extension of the pasta phase and compare the results from the pasta calculation with the non-homogeneous phase obtained from dynamical spinodal calculation; we will test the quark-meson-coupling model at subsaturation densities and at temperatures and densities as the ones obtained with RHIC; we will study the effect of strong magnetic fields on the non-homogeneous phases at the crust of a compact star and instabilities due to spin wave at subsaturation densities in the presence of magnetic fields; we will carry out a systematic and detailed study quark matter nucleation in hot and dense hadronic matter taking into account simultaneously both thermal and quantum nucleation mechanism and the effect of neutrino trapping; we will make a prevision of the possible equations of state for compact stars which describe stars emitting gravitational waves with frequencies which could be detected in the existing resonating mass detectors, in particular the resonant spherical antenna Mario Schenberg (Brazilian, 3.0-3.4 kHz) in collaboration with Brazilian team.All the present proposal is in the spirit of the ESF reseach networking program "The new physics of compact stars, including a Winter School in Coimbra, February 2009, about "The crust of compact stars".

Status: Concluded

Starting date: 01-01-2009

End date: 31-12-2009

Financing: 25keuro Euros

Financing entity: FCT

Project ID: CERN/FP/83505/2008

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