Teaching and History of Sciences

The Group “Teaching and History of Sciences” aims to continue its ongoing studies on the History of Sciences and to contribute to scientific outreach. The main group activity focuses on the history of science in Coimbra since the building of Jesus College in 1547, at the time of king João III, until 1933, when the “Estado Novo” began. Based on the available studies, it wants to provide an encompassing description of the history of sciences at the oldest Portuguese university and at digitizing documentary sources, on one side, and collections (objects and scientific instruments), on the other side. This multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary project (History, Classical Studies, Science, including all disciplines), brings together researchers from various faculties and centres of the UC as well as from other universities. With respect to the teaching and outreach field, in the next years, besides continuing the publication of articles in pedagogical journals, we will focus on the increase our cooperation with the Centro de Competência TIC-Softciências (http://www.softciencias.mocho.pt/), in which pedagogical resources are collected. We will also be involved in the organization of many sessions in schools, associations, public venues, etc. The Centro Ciência Viva Rómulo Carvalho (CCVRC) will help us in our outreach activities. Teaching of sciences and history of Science, using computers.


João Carlos de Matos Paiva




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